Meet the executive – DJIM Chair

Hi, everyone! Catherine McGoveran here – I’m a second year MLIS student and Co-Chair of the Dalhousie Journal of Interdisciplinary Management. I moved to Halifax last fall, after completing my undergrad in political science and French from Carleton University in Ottawa. I remember the first few days of orientation as being packed with information and excitement. There were many groups and organizations that pitched to the incoming class, describing their own unique, important roles within the School of Information Management, and the Faculty of Management as a whole. DJIM stood out to me in this regard because of its unique ability to provide students with knowledge of open access publishing and to develop excellent hands-on skills; volunteer management and collaboration, writing and editing, communication with the university community, technical skills with the open access journal platform OJS, and so on. Having been involved with the creation of publication guidelines and procedures in previous work settings, I was interested in learning more from the perspective of a student and in playing a role in facilitating a greater exchange of scholarly knowledge. DJIM provides a great “next step” for student coursework and research – formulating and exploring new ideas doesn’t have to stop at the classroom. Providing a space for student research allows students to further contribute to their professional community. Over the next year, we’re planning on taking DJIM further – more diversity in departmental involvement, more social media, more opportunites for engagement. All that to say, stay tuned for an exciting year!


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