Meet the Executive – DJIM Technical-Chair

Hi folks. My name is Riel Gallant and I’m a Library and Information Studies graduate student and Dalhousie Journal of Interdisciplinary Management’s Technical-chair. I’ve been interested in digital information hubs for quite some time, so DJIM seemed like a natural fit when I joined the program last fall. During my undergrad studies at Université Sainte-Anne where I majored in History and English I was elected to our student union as V.P. Academic-Communications. This gave me the opportunity to create and run l’Hebdo-Dragon, a weekly student newspaper to encourage dialogue across all five campuses. The publishing process included a strong emphasis on digital distribution in order to reach all five campuses and alumni, as well as avoid paper waste. A strategic plan to centralize our digital information for our patrons was key to reaching out to as many Internet users as we could. These values translate well in my role as Technical-chair for DJIM. In maintaining our website at, I’m ensuring consistency for our readers, contributors, and executive at a stable location. I’m very much looking forward to working with new Faculty of Management students interested in the technical aspects of hosting an online journal. Have a great school year everyone!


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