Meet the Executive – DJIM’s Editorial Chair

Hi! I’m Veronika Kollbrand and I’ve been DJIM’s Editorial Chair since the fall of 2011. In September I’ll be starting my first year of law school with Dalhousie University’s JD/MLIS program. I also have a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from the University of Northern British Columbia. At DJIM I’m responsible for creating the publication timeline for each issue; receiving and preparing submissions for blind peer-review; organizing training sessions; coordinating volunteer Section Editors, peer-reviewers and copy-editors; corresponding with volunteers, authors and the rest of the DJIM Executive; finalizing peer-reviewed submissions before forwarding them to our Technical Team for publication — and making sure that this is all done by deadline.. It’s a demanding role, but I love the challenge! I joined DJIM because of its role in promoting academic publishing at the graduate level and its Open Access policy, but the depth of involvement of our volunteers is what has made working on the journal such a rewarding experience!


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