Meet the Executive – DJIM Co-Chair

Hello ladies and gents, my name is James Rothwell, and I am one of DJIM’s Co-Chairs. My hometown is Toronto, and I earned my B.A., Honours in History and Political Science there at the University of Toronto. After spending a year abroad, I moved to Halifax to study for a Master of Library and Information Studies (MLIS) here at Dalhousie, although I have always had family connections on the East coast. I have a strong interest in policy making, foreign affairs, and management, and saw DJIM as a great opportunity to both broaden my horizons and contribute to the Faculty of Management community as a whole.

Student run newspapers and journals offer a chance to learn and develop new skill-sets, and to participate in commentary on a variety of important issues that face our world today. DJIM provides a means for students at the Faculty of Management to make their voices heard, and to publish in an academic setting. I look forward to facilitating the continued level of excellence that marks the content of DJIM, and being part of this fine endeavour.


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