Meet the Executive – DJIM Editorial Co-Chair

Hi there, my name is Kim Dunn, and I’m the new Editorial Co-Chair for the DJIM. I’m a candidate in the Master of Resource and Environmental Management (MREM) program, where my research is focused primarily on renewable energy. I recently graduated from Mount Saint Vincent University with a degree in Business and Writing, but for many years before that I was a sailor. I served in our Royal Canadian Navy for ten years before joining the academic community, a shift that is as confusing for those I left behind as it is for those I now join in academia. But, I believe that life has many twists and turns, and that it never hurts to let your passions guide you.

My duties as Editorial Co-Chair are akin to those of a managing editor in a professional publishing house: essentially, I help to coordinate and oversee the editing process from start to finish. I have a deep fondness for editing; somehow, helping a writer to present her ideas – to see her ideas gain shape and clarity – makes me feel that all is right with the world.

I joined the DJIM because I believe in the sharing of knowledge. Student writing, even at the graduate level, often feels as if it has no audience, no forum beyond the professor’s red pen. I see the DJIM as a means to disrupt this common misconception. All student writing is valuable, not just as a vehicle for learning and discovery, but to do what universities are mandated to do: to create knowledge. To me, the DJIM represents the unique opportunity we share as schools within our Faculty of Management, to tackle the issues and the challenges of management – to create the knowledge we need to do so – through a truly interdisciplinary lens.


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