Introducing our authors: Brett Taylor

conference presentHi, I’m Brett Taylor and I’m a DJIM Vol 8(2) contributor. I’m currently pursuing a combined Master of Public Administration and Law degree here at Dal. Prior to attending Dal I earned a BA and MA in history from McMaster University and rode a bicycle across Canada. In addition to many less than scholarly activities (read into that what you will), I spent most of my undergrad studying Canadian and European history. During my graduate work I had the privilege of participating in an interdisciplinary research trip to Chernobyl. I got slightly irradiated and ended up writing my MRP on the use of Chernobyl as a test case for Gorbachev’s “glasnost” policy.

But that’s enough about me – because who really cares anyhow? What this blog post is supposed to be about is the DJIM experience. During the first year of my MPA I wrote, as graduate students are wont to do, some number of papers. This not being my first time at the rodeo, I was determined to do something more with these papers (oh the pages I’ve written for an audience of one). With that goal in mind, I submitted one of my papers to DJIM.

Although I’d always been a skeptic of student journals (perhaps more of a wannabe peer-review snob?), I have been absolutely thrilled with the experience. Submission is as straightforward as a blind review can be and the turnaround time beats the pants off an Ivory Tower press. The biggest advantage DJIM given an author though is the chance to be read. Articles are posted in open access .pdf form and show up in a Google search (no JSTOR or Prowler gatekeepers here). If you want a Tier 1 publication for your CV and PhD application this may not be the place. However, if your motivation is to get your ideas out there, read, and considered, there is no better place than the DJIM. As dumb luck would have it the topic I wrote on is being used as a case study in regulation for a 2nd year health law course. My paper is on the reading list. This is not to say that it’s any good – it may just be the only thing written on the initial failure of regulated midwifery in NS. The point is that it’s out there and being read (I once heard that average peer reviewed journal article is read seven times…). And the reason it’s out there and being read is DJIM.

And so went my journey from skeptic to spokesman. Now what are you waiting for? Start your submission.


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