Introducing our authors: Alan Chorney

425785_317003271684278_1470432224_nHow DJIM Changed My Life by DJIM Author, Alan Chorney, MLIS Candidate 2013

No, being published in DJIM hasn’t resulted in world wide accolades, or strangers stopping me on the street to discuss my views on gamification.  Unless you have a keen eye, you probably couldn’t even tell, just by looking at me, that I made it into the pages of DJIM.

And that’s okay.

DJIM didn’t change the way the world views me.  DJIM changed the way I view myself.  Through DJIM’s peer-review process I was able to experience first hand the way others view my writing.  So often there is a disconnect between what you, as a writer, are thinking, and what ends up on the page.  The peer-review process allowed me to see where I was best communicating my ideas, and where my thoughts were getting muddled by my prose.  As a result, I have an easier time taking a step back from my own writing and viewing it with a critical eye.  Oh, and being able to polish my work to a publication standard is a bonus as well.


Alan Chorney’s article Taking The Game Out Of Gamification appears in DJIM Vol 8, No 1 (2012)


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