Meet the Executive – External Communications Co-Chair

100_2300 - Version 2

Hi everybody! I’m Allison (Allie) McCabe, and I’m thrilled to be joining DJIM as an incoming External Communications Co-Chair.

I was born and raised in Moncton, New Brunswick and I have spent what seems like most of my life in post-secondary education. I love school actually (it’s an expensive hobby). After a BA in international relations, I got a Bachelor of Journalism degree and have now found myself studying a Master of Public Administration here at Dal. On a personal level, I’m addicted to coffee, love grocery shopping (it’s guilt-free spending!) and have a cat named Mabel. If being a student paid anything, I would spend it all on travel.

I love that this position intersects with my interests in communications, management and writing and I really hope I can do justice to this wonderful initiative.  DIJM is so great (among other reasons) because of its strong student focus. The idea of students from diverse backgrounds all contributing to the journal, sharing ideas, challenging themselves, and inspiring their peers is just plain exciting. We can all create knowledge and we all have valuable ideas to communicate. I want to help make that happen.


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