Introducing our authors: Catherine McGoveran

mcgoveranCatherine McG here – Volume 8, Issue 2 author. As we speak, or, rather, as you read, I’m in the final months of my MLIS degree at Dalhousie. The experience has been fantastic, but what has really made it so great is that I’ve been able to participate in many student groups and associations. Being involved academically is something I’ve really come to enjoy, which is partly why I wanted to submit an article to DJIM. I completed my undergraduate degree from Carleton University, with a focus on Canadian Politics and French. Moving into the MLIS program, I’ve concentrated a portion of my research on social media use in politics. My interest in social media, in combination with some federal government work experience, is what led me to explore its use by government through the medium of a research paper. I examined if and how government departments are or could be using social media tools. Being published in DJIM is great for getting your ideas out there – people can easily find your article and it may even spark a conversation or lively debate. It’s also an incredibly useful to experience the peer-review process and understand how to turn an academic paper into an article. Receiving comments and recommendations on your work helps you reflect on how you’re communicating your message and your arguments to an external audience. Since publication, I’ve been able to turn my interests into research activity by getting involved with the Dalhousie Social Media Lab. In October, I was part of a team that analyzed Twitter data from the 2012 Halifax election and I have since gone on to other exciting projects. All this to say – explore publication! It’s an experience that will always fit your research interests and can lead to some pretty exciting discussions and opportunities.


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