Introducing our Authors: Nicole Bloudoff

Read Nicole’s article, “Digital technology: Help or hindrance? Remembering in the 21st Century,” in DJIM Volume 9.


Getting my paper published by DJIM was a very happy moment for me. I had never published anything before, so I was quite excited that something I had written was getting published. One of my career hopes in the past was to be an editor, so seeing the peer-review process in action was fascinating. I loved watching my work be transformed into a polished and professional paper worthy of publication.

This paper was written for my Information in Society class. It was a difficult topic to conceptualize and narrow down, because there were so many different roads to explore. At the time, however, I was experiencing difficulty keeping track of where I stored all of my working files, as well as my own archived information. It dawned on me that it was simply incredible how technology has progressed to the point where we can store files on a number of different devices and mediums.  However, this ability has also caused my own files to become ephemeral and easily misplaced. The absence of a physical document was also a great interest to me, for as I worked away on writing this paper, I realized how odd it was that after all of these hours of work, my finished product was actually nothing but a few bits of data stored on a computer. I then realized just how quickly we have become accustomed to working with digital information as opposed to physical information, and that because this shift has happened so rapidly, the mental consequences of that shift have not yet been examined.

I could easily write another paper stemming out of the different paths of this one… But that will have to wait until later!

-Nicole Bloudoff


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