Welcome Dr. MacDonald as DJIM Faculty Liaison

Bertrum-H-MacDonald-DAbriel-photo-2We are thrilled to welcome Dr. Bertrum MacDonald as this year’s DJIM faculty liaison! Dr. MacDonald is  a well-known member of the Faculty of Management and brings a wealth of experience and insight to this role. Working with Dr. MacDonald will help the journal interact with the Schools of the Faculty of Management and connect with faculty, staff and students in all management disciplines.

Dr. MacDonald is a professor of Information Management and his research interests lie in investigating the use and dissemination of scientific information in historical and contemporary contexts. He also heads the Environmental Information: Use and Influence research team, which works in collaboration with government and non-governmental partners to explore how environmental information is used and its impact.

Dr. MacDonald’s wealth of experience and unwavering enthusiasm for his work in the management field make him perfect for this role with DJIM and we couldn’t be more excited to have him on board as we get ready to launch an amazing 2013-14 academic year. Thank you Dr. MacDonald for your support!


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