Meet the Executive: PR Co-Chair

Hi there! Meagher.Christina-

My name is Christina Meagher, and I am joining DJIM as the incoming Public Relations Co-Chair! I’m a first year MBA student at DAL, and a recent graduate from UNB in Fredericton. I’m really excited about joining DJIM – I have a pretty big crush on a several social media outlets, and can’t wait to get DJIM in on the action! As part of DAL’s MBA program, I’ll be away on a corporate residency (co-op) placement from January-August, so in a few short months I’ll be moving to Calgary. Thankfully, social media responsibilities, among other marketing tasks, can be accomplished off-site. I am also interested in photography, so you’re really going to see what the DJIM team is up to over the next few months. My interest in photography stems from my travels within the West and East Coasts. The West Coast is beautiful, with mountains, cities, and beaches all in the same shots; I grew up in Halifax, and love making trips down to the valley and to New Brunswick and PEI. Overall, Halifax is my favorite – one of the many reasons I chose DAL. Since starting my MBA, I have seen how diverse, inspirational, and aspirational DAL students are. It’s these traits– and the fact that it is run for DAL students, and by DAL students – that piqued my interest in DJIM! So, now that you know about ME, I hope to learn about YOU through a submission to the DJIM! Cheers.


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