Calling for Papers!

We have issued our call for papers for DJIM Vol. 10 and are excited to see what management graduate students have been working on lately!

The submission deadline is November 30 – it’s approaching quickly and we are encouraging any interested graduate student in the Faculty of Management to submit work they are proud of. DJIM is not your traditional academic journal either – while we do publish a lot of academic papers, we’re also open to publishing different types of work, like cases and case analyses, briefings, and whatever else you have written during your graduate program!

Publishing a paper in DJIM is an amazing experience for a graduate student. Not only would you get to publicize your hard work, it’s a great way to increase your web presence, add to your resume, and learn about the academic publishing process.

Authors from previous volumes found the DJIM process a valuable one:

  • “I loved watching my work be transformed into a polished and professional paper worthy of publication.” – Nicole Bloudoff
  • “Being published in DJIM is great for getting your ideas out there – people can easily find your article and it may even spark a conversation or lively debate.” – Catherine McGovern
  • “DJIM didn’t change the way the world views me.  DJIM changed the way I view myself.” – Alan Chorney
  • “If your motivation is to get your ideas out there, read, and considered, there is no better place than the DJIM.” – Brett Taylor

We’re looking forward to reading your work and working together to disseminate new ideas, stimulate conversation and encourage learning.

For more information, find us on Facebook, or email To submit a paper, visit our website – we look forward to reading your submission!


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