A Shiny New Volume of DJIM is Up and Running

ImageFor those of us working on DJIM, 2013-14 has been a year of transition, progress, and hard work. The journal was ratified as a society, developed a formal constitution, created a Treasurer position and developed a new financial management system, and began a promising new partnership with the Dalhousie Management Society. All this is wonderful— and will be central to DJIM’s future success. But it’s easy for the DJIM executive team to get wrapped up in the journal’s operations and forget why we really do what we do. We were all reminded of DJIM’s true mission at the launch of Volume 10.

On Friday April 4, authors, students, and faculty came out to celebrate the hard work and passion of graduate students in the Faculty of Management. Authors Jim Boyle, Gayle Graham, Catherine Hart, and Clark Jang spoke about their research interests, their papers, and their experiences publishing with DJIM. While the authors come from diverse academic backgrounds, listening to them talk, overarching themes emerged. These students are forward thinkers who are driven to advance scholarship in their areas of study, and unanimously deemed publishing with DJIM as priceless for both personal and professional goals. This is why DJIM exists: to promote interdisciplinarity, collegiality, progress, and learning.

ImageVolume 10 is now live on the DJIM website and it is a testament to DJIM’s mission to promote student work in interdisciplinary management. The volume contains papers dealing with subjects from eBooks, to merit principles in the public service, to environmental impact assessments, and even Doctor Who. What these papers have in common is the hours of work, focus, and dedication behind them from students who will surely go on to be leaders in their fields. It is DJIM’s hope that those who read these fascinating papers will learn, be entertained, and gain inspiration to continue to advance scholarship in the management field.

Of course, none of this would be possible without everyone who has supported the journal over the years. DJIM has a bright future, and with the help of encouraging faculty, a dedicated executive team, and hard working volunteers, there is little doubt that 2014-15 will see even more success.

Thank you to the authors, volunteers, and readers of DJIM Volume 10!


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