DJIM Submission Requirements

Thinking of submitting a paper to DJIM? Here are a couple things you should know…

Who Can Participate?

Anyone in the Faculty of Management – MBA, MES, MIM, MLIS, MPA, MREM, BComm, & BMgmt students, as well as FOM Faculty

Note: This is the FIRST year that DJIM is allowing submissions from BComm & BMgmt students.  It’s a great opportunity to get your work published!

What Makes a DJIM Paper?

Length: 15-20 pages

Thesis: have a clear claim/thesis that is contentious

Reasons/Premises: provide strong reasons in support of your claim that are true and related

Nuance: have a strong but balanced claim that identifies counter arguments

Credit: CITE CITE CITE (even yourself), and be sure to double-check the originality of ideas, giving credit to idea development where it’s due

Submitting Your Paper

Visit to register and submit your paper!  You can expect to receive feedback in January, with editing and recommendations in February/March.

Having issues submitting your paper?  View our Submission Guide here!


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